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The world is full of wonder - the changing seasons, verdant forests with clear, rushing streams, white waves crashing against rocky Maine coastlines, or gently washing the sandy beaches of Hawaii. And our unique Virtual Experience DVDs will take you there! Just step on to your treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike, and instantly, you are "walking" in a forest in Maine's Acadia National Park, or on a hiking trail on Hawaii's island of Oahu, or in a cypress swamp in southern Florida, enjoying nature while exercising, losing weight, and getting fit! And, for those customers who have asked for faster virtual walks, we now have Virtual Jogs and Virtual Bike Rides too!

Exercisers Love Them

“ I want you to know how much I enjoyed the hike on the North Shore! I actually watched most of it this afternoon, it was great! I really enjoyed hearing all the birds. You know, of all the times we have been over there, we have not done that particular hike. I thought it was very well done. And the seascapes were fantastic! You really captured the Hawaii I have come to love so very much. Mahalo for such a wonderful DVD! Susan ”

AND THIS ONE: "I just finished your English Countryside Walk. I had to take a moment to tell you how very much I enjoyed it from the opening bit of history and all through the walk which kept me at a nice pace allowing me to "travel" 1.75 miles. I continued to the natural sound through my cool down and completed a 2 mile walk!! I have to compliment you on the professionalism of this tape. BETTER than I had even hoped for! This takes the ordinary out of my treadmill walks and has kept me pleasantly entertained enough to go further than my usual 1.5 mile walk! You really do feel as if you're THERE!! THANK YOU, EMH ”

AND ANOTHER: "Just wanted to let you know I'm still walking every day and it's because of your videos. I love every minute of my walk now. When I look down at the time I've spent walking and see 10 minutes have gone by I can't believe it. I feel like I've just started. I've increased my speed now and I really feel physically fit and I believe will be going a full hour pretty soon. I love the scenery. I love everything about the video's. And I am looking forward to purchasing the rest of your video's once they are done. Nancy ”

YET ANOTHER: "I just wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying your DVD´s whilst walking on the treadmill. It really makes the daily exercise routine different and the time passes so quickly. After living overseas for nearly 20 years, it is lovely to see the English countryside again. Keep them coming, I shall be back soon to order some more. Best regards, Val W., Portugal ”

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And This One...


I bought all of your walking DVDs recently and have just had a chance to spend more time with some. They are truly a treat for me. Although I've been to Venice (long ago), somehow I never learned about Burano (or Murano or Turcello, which I look forward to seeing, courtesy of you). I loved both DVDs and found the mini-doc about the other islands fascinating.

I just watched the Four Seasons one in fast forward. I'm a native Californian and, although it does happen relatively dramatically in parts of the state, I've rarely seen obvious signs of seasons changing in my daily life. It was SO interesting to watch the changes along the same path right before my eyes.

What an interesting concept you had in doing this. How moving it is allegorically as well.

Further, the mini-doc on flowers and ferns is so lovely .. offering the things one would focus on while walking past but you can't safely with a camera while continuing walking. My biggest compliment is for the very rare pleasure of experiencing editing to the phrases of the music. There should be whole semesters/years on this in film schools and specialists sitting with non-musical editors because it makes such a difference. Very often you made gentle transitions as the music went from one phrase to the next and I loved how you would slowly zoom in on a flower and hold the shot through the climax of the phrase. Well done! I'm not sure which came first, the film or music, but if it were the film, it was photographed with uncanny musical timing. However it happened, I appreciated and got great pleasure from it.

I'm looking forward to the rest - and ones coming in the future. I'm slowly savoring them since I know I'll be living with them for a long time.

Thank you for these and for making my ordering so easy that night I was doing them one by one.

Janet H."